Photo It is my belief that the most precious photographs of your children and family are made in an environment, and at a time that is as comfortable and familiar to you as possible. I believe that the process of collaborating with families is an ongoing relationship founded on trust, that smiling is a sacred act of happiness and not a fermented milk product (cheese!), and that sun light (even filtered through fog!) is the most beautiful illumination one could ever hope for. I only schedule one photo session a day so that you have my undivided attention, and any unexpected adjustments can be made without worry. My portrait package prices include your negatives so that you will be able to enjoy every photograph taken, and feel unlimited in your enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to share these moments forever.

Scheduling: Photo sessions typically last about two hours. Many of my shoots are scheduled during the weekends so that all working family members can be involved. If you need a weekend session, availability if often limited, so book your session well in advance. Weekday sessions are available as well, and typically with greater flexibility. I try to schedule the session time according to the youngest child's happiest hours of the day. Your session may include as many different group and individual portraits of family members as you would like. (Grandparents and out of town relatives are welcome and encouraged to participate.)

Location: All of my portraits are photographed on-location (non studio) in people's houses or other special places like parks, beaches, or playgrounds where your family and children can feel safe, comfortable, and playful.

Attire: I believe that if you and your children are comfortable then everything else will fall into place. Party dress, jeans, fleece, tutu, onesie or naked, are all fine! I do recommend that you avoid choosing clothes with verbiage as it is an unnecessary distraction, and to minimize highly patterned attire. All colors are welcome!

Pricing: Please email a request for current pricing and availability. Gift certificates are available.

For more information, please contact me directly: or (415) 601-3073

Courteney Coolidge Photography